Importance of SEO for your Business

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Importance of SEO for your Business

If you have had a conversation with any digital marketing team, they would very often mention SEO, right? But what exactly is SEO and how it will help your business is something you will learn from this article.

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. The right SEO plan increases the visibility of your website, increasing the online traffic and thereby increasing your business.

Now let us ask you a simple question, How often do you go to the second or the third page on Google search? I am sure most of us end our search on the first page itself. Now, comes the role of SEO to ensure that your website is in the top position and on the first page of search. 

What benefits can SEO offer to your business?

 Let us look into what SEO can offer to your business:

  • Increases the organic traffic to the website: Organic traffic that leads to increased traffic on the website is one of the major uses of SEO. The most effective SEO plan ensures that your website reaches the right audience who shows genuine interest.
  • Increases credibility and trust: We have often noticed people think that the websites appearing on the first page of Google are genuine and of a higher quality.
  • Helps you reach more people: Paid marketing campaigns focus on defined target audiences. But, SEO with the help of the right keywords can ensure your website reaches the right audience in any demographic.
  • Improves awareness about your brand: When people notice your website on the first page of Google, just by noticing your website they tend to remember and recognize your brand thereby increasing awareness about your brand.
  • SEO provides better cost management: The right use of SEO helps you optimize cost and use the same resources for other requirements of your business.


How does an SEO expert help your website?

SEO specialists are particularly trained to improve the visibility of the website. Here are some major aspects in which an SEO specialist will help you:

  • Keyword research.
  • On-page optimization to provide relevant search results.
  • Providing suitable titles and meta tags using apt keywords.
  • Building links.

Few SEO specialists work closely with the entire digital team to generate new ideas from the SEO perspective.


Bursting myths about SEO

More is the keyword density, higher is the page ranking.

One should concentrate on the thorough distribution of keywords throughout the content but there is no fixed percentage to focus on. Unnecessary, irrelevant listings of keywords are in fact harmful.

Links don’t matter in SEO

Links and link building is one of the main models of Google.

SEO is a one-time thing

SEO is a continuous process and one has to invest in the long-term process to see results.

 Page ranking does not carry any weightage

Page ranking is one of the most important and fundamental part of Google.

A good digital marketing company ensures

an apt SEO plan to drive organic traffic to your website and also increase brand awareness.