SEO Trends You Will Need To Be Aware Of In 2022

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SEO Trends You Will Need To Be Aware Of In 2022

The traffic generated by search engines is over 300% greater than that generated by social media. So, our digital marketing strategy should incorporate keeping up with current SEO trends. The search engine algorithms are constantly being tweaked to make them smarter, so SEO trends evolve every year even with high-quality content dominating the rankings of your web pages. Your SEO strategy must be adjusted according to evolving SEO trends, otherwise, your rankings and traffic will plummet.

Looking to boost your website’s ranking? Here are the top 3 SEO trends to keep an eye on this year…


  1. Clustering Keywords

There is still value in keyword research. It gets smarter every time Google updates its core web vitals. Although natural language processing has made search engines smarter, many websites still optimize their websites with only a few keywords. It’s outdated!

A more advanced and effective strategy is to use keyword clusters that include both primary and secondary keywords!

Say you sell linen curtains, for example. If you stuff your content with the keyword “social media marketing” that appeared at the top of your keyword research, your rankings won’t improve. Furthermore, you will restrict your market share opportunities. If you want to avoid that, add keyword clusters like “social media management” and “social media marketing tools” to your content. This will cover a broader range of searchers with the same purchase intent.

The trends in search engine optimization point out the importance of focusing on more than just a single keyword. Similarly, long-tail variants that meet the same search intent should also be targeted. The more keywords your page ranks for, the more traffic you will receive.

  1. Creating Long-Form Content

“Long-form content is 3x more likely to attract traffic and 4x more likely to generate shares”, according to a digital marketing company in Bangalore.

A longer article gets 3.5 times as many backlinks as a shorter article. The next step is to build links once your content is written. Obtaining backlinks from high-profile sites is a key component of link building. Content with a longer length tends to score better on EAT metrics (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness), which search engines look for. Long-form content is right at the top of the list of SEO trends for 2022.

The SEO trend of long-form content requires that you create content for your website that is both unique and informative. You must therefore cover all the necessary topics and subtopics in your articles or blog posts. Avoid buzzwords and jargon, of course.

  1. Leverage Videos For Ranking

It’s a big deal as far as SEO trends go. Creating short, to-the-point videos should be one of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy, since people prefer watching videos over reading long, text-based articles. Online video platforms like YouTube and TikTok are showing that videos are powerful tools over the last few years. These platforms are used by businesses of all sizes to reach out to customers. The question is, how can you use video content as an SEO strategy?

Optimizing your video channel, like YouTube by creating enticing thumbnail descriptions for each video is one way to accomplish this. Use keywords in your video descriptions too, so it’s SEO-friendly!


Wrap Up!

Keep abreast of SEO trends because search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. Your target audience can benefit from these tips by staying ahead of the curve. If you still have some issues or let alone don’t want this much of a hassle, connect to the best SEO agency in Bangalore – VM Softsys.