The 4 Main Elements of SEO

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The 4 Main Elements of SEO

Well, we the people in the Digital Marketing Team would have definitely come across SEO, though we may or may not work on SEO directly.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is SEO that helps increase the online visibility of your website through Search Engines such as Google and Bing. So the key here is, the better your SEO the better is the visibility of your website and business.

SEO like other things is made up of components. Let us look into the 4 main components of SEO.

Each of these components is equally crucial for improving the brand’s search results. These components complement one another. The components are- on-page SEO, technical SEO, off – page SEO and content. It is important to maintain better correlation between these components for better results.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO plays a very important role. It is this Technical SEO that enables search engines to engage with sites to identify keywords and phrases that the clients have used in the searches.

Tips to Improve Technical SEO

  • Ensure the pages are clean. Clearly establish the page definitions. As the search engines employ bots to scan sites to catalog them for future reference.
  • Most of us now use all websites on mobile phones. Do not forget your mobile customers and ensure your website is adapted for mobile platforms.
  • All customers ensure that the loading time of the website is high. So ensure that the website is running at an optimal speed which ensures that the customers would not get frustrated due to the lag in speed.

Offpage SEO

Off-Page SEO is guiding traffic to your website from other sites. To ensure you get traffic to your website from other sites you have to build relevant links from other sites, increasing awareness about the brand on social media.

Some tips to improve off page SEO

  • Create relevant links between your site and other sites.
  • It is always good to focus on what exactly you want to communicate, for example- is it blogs, targeted marketing or reviews.

On- Page SEO

A well built and well written website is essential to drive traffic to the website.

  • One should focus on optimizing keyword strategy for metatags and images. Overall the customer should experience a positive vibe when on the website.
  • Key search items should be incorporated into the page titles.

Make sure you create an enjoyable experience for your use by making it a fun, memorable experience.


Creating clean and attractive content on your website helps in gaining the users trust. Keep the content clean, attractive and focus on what it is you can offer your users that is different from other websites.

We at VMSoftsys have the expertise to ensure that your business reaps all the benefits of SEO.