Online Reputation Management

Brand reputation can not be predicted it can be managed

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Online Reputation Management

While people’s perception of your brand reputation can not be predicted it can be managed. With us, you will be able to build a positive outlook for your brand online and shield it from the effects of cancel culture.

What is ORM?

Your online reputation is how others see you when they look for you online. Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of that online conversation. The purpose of online reputation management is to create balance, counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward. There are two ways to achieve this.


happens when you start managing your brand’s reputation early, well before any reputational risks arise. This is done by managing reviews, creating positive content, improving customer service, social media monitoring and sentimental analysis. This is significantly cheaper, easier, and a generally more pleasant experience than Reactive Reputation Management.



It is essentially crisis management. It involves responding to a reputational risk that has already occurred. While crisis management is sometimes unavoidable, a strong reputation will help your brand weather the storm.



The Internet is now our first stop for everything. Two out of three people see the Internet as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman Insights). This means they are making decisions based on what they find online.

Whether you like it or not, strangers are contributing to your reputation online. It is important to make sure they are contributing positively. Your online reputation is forever. If someone writes something negative about you online, it can put you at a serious disadvantage over the long term, especially if you’re not aware of it. It’s important to keep tabs on what people are saying about you online and then take steps to correct any inaccuracies.

It is not enough to just manage your SEO because SEO makes sure that your website is on the top of the search results. But it doesn’t control the collection of websites that appear in your search results. Online reputation management counteracts that human bias for gossip, ensuring that the materials that matter aren’t overwhelmed by the rumours.

Our ORM Process

We have a comprehensive approach to ORM that involves both proactive and reactive reputation management to make sure your brand receives the optimum promotion it requires to maintain a strong positive perception.



To be ahead of the curve in case of a negative response to your brand, we constantly monitor the content across the internet to see if there are any anomalies. That way we can react in time in case there is a concerning situation. This involves monitoring websites and social media platforms using various techniques like keyword-based monitoring.



When looking for a local business, 97% of people search online about it(BIA Kelsey). We make sure the people searching online end up with accurate information about your brand. This involves making sure brand keywords are not being misused, wiping out unsafe results from the search engine and publishing positive articles on reputable sites.



According to BrightLocal, “85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.” Hence, managing your reviews becomes an important tool in this digital era. This in- involves maintaining a positive outlook in the mediums owned by the brand like blogs, responding to customer appraisal on social media and other external review platforms.



Sometimes, no one can stop the inevitable and your brand gets a negative response. Then we have to ensure the  response will have a minor impact on brand reputation. This involves confronting the negative response and setting it right, or burying it all together.